Fabio Wibmer – Dressler Camp 014 Mini-Interview

It seems that Dressler Camp 014 was yet another memorable week of riding and relaxing in the Czech Republic hosted by Dressler Bikes. We asked team rider Fabio Wibmer how he got on at his second year at the event.

It seems like you’ve been travelling a lot this summer, and one of your more recent trips was to the Czech Republic for Dressler Camp 014 – how was it?

Yes, but it really was a very spontaneous decision to go to the Dressler Camp 014.
But I’m glad that I was able to be part of it and I really have to thank Josef Dressler and Lukas Burianek for making it possible.

It was my second time that I’ve been at the Dressler Camp and it’s just such an amazing and funny event. It was so cool to see so many good riders in one place and meeting new people was just awesome. With the perfect sunny weather it was definitely an unforgettable event.

As this was the second time you’ve been, did you notice any differences to last year?

Not really. Josef, Lukas and the rest of the “Dressler crew” are making a really good job and like last year, everything was very well organized.

This year they had a really cool mini kicker, so that was basically the biggest difference to last year :)


Unfortunately Danny and Ali couldn’t make it over to Tanvald this year, but Matty Turner was able to fly over. What was it like riding with Matty?

Matty is such a good rider. His riding is amazing and his style is so clean and smooth. Riding with him was good fun and he showed with a 3rd place in the freestyle contest that he’s definitely one of the best riders out there and that at the age of 14!

Which other riders stood out to you this year?

There were so many good riders. But it was unbelievable to see Vincent Hermance riding his trials bike and also Nicolas Moreau from France was pretty impressive. His style is so clean and he definitely wasn’t afraid of crashing, haha.

The 4X Trial is always a popular event -what was the course like this year, and how did your races go?

The course this year was definitely different to last year. It was very technical and not easy to go through it without making any mistakes.

There was a very small and tight corner at the end of the first straight which was definitely one of the hardest parts of the track in the races.

But I was able to ride the course pretty smooth and clean and in the end I was pretty pleased with my 3rd place.


You had a great ride in the Freestyle competition last year and managed to get a 3rd place finish. Did you improve on that this year? How was the competition?

I can definitely say that I improved since last year. My qualifying run was pretty good and I was very confident for the finals but somehow I made too many mistakes and so I wasn’t really pleased with it.

Although I’m happy that I was able to land tricks like tailwhips and backflips and it was really good fun competing with so many good riders.

It seemed like you pulled out all the stops for Best Trick and managed to pull a flair! Was that a move you’ve been working on for a while or did you just try it at Dressler Camp?

The flair is a trick which I always wanted to have on my trick list. I just learned the flair a week before Dressler Camp in a gravel pit and I didn’t have much confidence pulling it but I really wanted to go for it and after a few tries the flair finally worked.


The guys at Dressler Camp like to party and with the live bands playing and the mix of riders there it seems this year was no exception! Did you have a fun time off your bike too?

Yes, it was really awesome to meet and to talk to so many different people. Hanging out with all these guys and having a drink in the evening was really cool. Dressler Camp is not only just a place to ride and to compete but also an event to have fun without the bike. And the Czech guys really know how to party :)

Not long before Dressler Camp you had a chance to ride with Danny MacAskill as part of his new Drop And Roll Tour. How was the show?

The opportunity to be part of Danny’s new show is really amazing. The first show in Switzerland was just a highlight in my bike career. Riding with Danny and Duncan in front of so many people was unbelievable for me and just great. I never had a practice session before the first show, so everything was new for me. But I really felt confident on the show rig after a few minutes and I was very pleased with my performance.

As we mentioned earlier you’ve had a busy year so far – what’s next for you in 2014?

I have some cool plans for this year. Beside some photo shoots I’m really looking forward to filming two or three video projects.  All in all, I want to improve my riding level and just have as much fun as possible.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you want to keep yourself up to date.

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