Matty Turner – Summer ′14 Mini-Interview

Team rider Matty Turner has had a busy few months riding his Flow 20″ bike at different events across the World so we thought we would catch up with him and see how he’s been getting on.



There are quite a few events that take place each year at Dressler Camp. Did you get a chance to take part in any of them?

Dressler Camp was awesome fun! I took part in the junior 4X, elite freestyle, best trick comps and the eliminator. I was lucky and had a great run in the freestyle and came third behind Vasek and Vincent, so stoked!

Dressler Camp attracts a lot of different types of rider.  What was it like getting to ride with people with such different styles, and did you learn anything new from riding with them?

Dressler Camp was the longest I have ridden in one go and so relaxed thanks to the hard work of Josef, Lukas and the team. It was great to meet and ride with people I’ve only talked to or seen on the internet, TRA is massive in real life! I met Fabio for the first time and he’s really chilled and such a great rider, Vasek and Vincent are amazing to watch and such cool people, Scott, Jonas, Nicolas and Cindy from Tribalzine, Stefan, Guy and Tom…so many great people with different styles and ideas on how to enjoy riding! I think that’s what I remember most, when you ride have fun!


As well as Dressler Camp you also traveled to Tartydays and Radfest this summer. Did you have a good time there?

I really enjoyed both events and really liked watching the pro’s at Tartydays, the riding was off the scale! I love Radfest and have been to all of them, both events are at Radical Bikes in Essex and I think Mick, Maria and the team there are really building a great place for events like this.

Mick and all the people at Radical Bikes had spent a lot of time changing the obstacles around in time for Tartydays – how did you find the new setup?

Really good, there was more of a streety feel, which I liked with new lines and challenges as well as the more technical lines, a good balance.

The kicker competition at Radfest is always a crowd favourite – how did it go for you?

I told my family that my objective was to get on the podium this year! There were a few big crashes as it got higher but it didn’t put me off, my Mum couldn’t watch and I think Dad was nervous when it got to 15 pallets. I was competing with Euan and Joe and almost got up clean, I achieved 3rd place!

After a lengthy editing period your new video #TrainsPlanesAutos premiered at Radfest.  Was it strange getting to see it on a big screen in front of an audience?

Definitely! We hadn’t seen it before the release and it was quite strange watching myself on a big screen with lots of other people, I’m not used to that and wasn’t sure what to do!

What was it like filming the video? It must have been quite an unusual experience compared to filming a normal riding video.

It was one of the best experiences I’ve had riding. My Dad knew the producer and they got talking, he knows Firebird Films who were looking for a different project to promote their business so it wasn’t the ‘normal’ type of bike film. I was given time off school and the locations were amazing; riding on Jumbo Jet wings, steam trains and smashing cars up was so much fun and I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me and letting me get involved.

You got the chance to ride some interesting locations for the video – which one was your favourite?

They were all great but I think the Air Salvage yard was my favourite, we were allowed to do almost whatever we wanted and I have ridden on the wings of a Jumbo! It was a fantastic day that I won’t forget.

With trips to Dressler Camp and Radfest already it seems like you’ve had quite a busy summer holiday, but do you have any other plans coming up?

I’ve just completed filming with Pira Dirtyflows from Spain for my piece in All or Nothing 2 that is due out in September, he has some amazing riders in it and it will definitely be worth watching! Sadly this meant I couldn’t get to the Phoenix Riders Co Jam in London – next time!

I know that I have been lucky to get involved with some really great projects recently with fantastic people and I’d like to thank Inspired, Pro Tec, Radical Bikes and Phoenix Riders Co for all their help and support so far. I don’t know what else might happen but if I’m riding then I’m happy!


If you haven’t already seen the #TrainsPlanesAutos video then it’s probably worth checking it out below…

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